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Creek to Bay Cleanup Day Sponsored by:


Creek to Bay Cleanup Day

Saturday, September 20th, 2014


Questions? Contact Anna at (707) 252-4188 x100 or e-mail.


Kennedy Park


Site Captain: Napa Valley Fly Fishers

Kid friendly.
This site can be found at the end of Streblow Drive by following signs to Kennedy
Park, just past Napa Valley College. Each year volunteers clean up the Park and boat launch areas along the Napa River. In 2013, 16 volunteers removed 200 pounds of trash and 100 pounds of recyclables along approximately 1 mile of the Napa River. This is an excellent site for students who attend the college, families who use Kennedy Park, and anyone interested in seeing how the Flood Control Project is changing the look of the River.


Napa Creek

This site will not be part of Coastal Cleanup Day this year due to safety hazards in the area.



Riverside Drive in Napa


This site is located on Riverside Drive which runs along the Napa River South of the Hatt Building in Napa. Last year, 2 volunteers collected trash and recyclables along this one mile stretch of the Napa River. Volunteers will meet on Riverside Dr. at the end of Elm St., located south of the Napa City-County Library and the Hatt Building in Napa.


Salvador Creek


Kid friendly.
Volunteers will lend a hand to clean Salvador Creek behind Vintage High School. In 2013, 25 volunteers removed 500 pounds of trash and 500 pounds of recyclables from the creek. This is a great site for families. Meet behind the
Vintage High School cafeteria at the east end of Trower Avenue in Napa.


Southern Crossing


Kid friendly.
This site is located underneath the George
F. Butler Bridge (a.k.a the Southern Crossing Bridge). This is where the Napa River approaches the marshes and sloughs before entering San Pablo Bay. In 2013, 8 volunteers removed 120 pounds of trash and 100 pounds of recyclables along 1 mile of the Napa River at this site. It’s a good site for people who enjoy viewing wildlife. Volunteers will meet at the chain link fence at the end of Soscol Ferry Road.


South Wetland Opportunity Area


Site Captains: Napa County Flood Control & Water Conservation District

Kid friendly.
This site, located at the extreme southern end of Jefferson Street in Napa, is normally off limits to the public. In 2013, 28 volunteers removed 1000 pounds of trash and 150 pounds of recyclables along a 1 mile stretch of the river. Park on Jefferson St. and go through the chain link fence gate and walk toward the Napa
River. This is a good site for volunteers who enjoy bird watching, and for those who would like to see the progress that the Flood Control Project has made. Hundreds of acres of newly restored wetlands await the volunteers at this site.


Lake Berryessa Shoreline Cleanup

Site captain: Marianne Butler, Solano Resource Conservation District and Jason Jordan, Bureau of Reclamation

Volunteers will cleanup along the shoreline at 2 sites-Markley Cove and Pope Creek Bridge. There will be a BBQ lunch for all volunteers following the cleanup! In 2013, 43 volunteers cleaned the shores and the water of Lake Berryessa removing 235 pounds of trash and 287 pounds of recyclables! To register or for more information about the shoreline cleanup near Markley Cove, contact Marianne Butler at (707) 301-5778.

For more information about the dive, canoe and kayak crew at Pope Creek Bridge, contact Jason Jordan at or 707-966-2111 ext 143


City of Calistoga

The three cleanup locations in the City of Calistoga will be: the Washington Street Bike Path from the Corporation Yard to Dunaweal Lane, Pioneer Park adjacent to the Napa River, and the Old Pacific Railroad Right-of-Way from Lincoln to the Little League Field. Refreshments will be provided to volunteers.  For more information contact Louise Harrison at the Calistoga Public Work Department at (707) 942-2780 or

In 2013, 44 volunteers removed 650 pounds of trash and 300 pounds of recyclables along 4 miles of creek and river bank.


American Canyon Town Cleanup

Every year the City of American Canyon leads a town cleanup effort. In 2013, 136 volunteers picked up 649 pounds of trash! For more information about this year’s sites and meeting locations, contact American Canyon Public Works at (707) 647-4550.